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Even though typical n–p–n transistors have current gains, ͱ, of around 100, the overall emitter-follower current gain over the current in the ECL current-steering gate is considerably less. Consider a 4 : 1 emitter-follower-current to gate-current ratio and a 550 mV voltage swing; the high static noise margin is already reduced by 24 mV from the emitter-follower in this configuration for a ͱ of 100. Darlington configurations provide larger current gains and hence the possibility of faster buffering with less power consumption.

Delay performance of BiCMOS and CMOS of the G subcell of a ba cell. where tgin(i, j) is input ready time for the g term of the most significant bit of an adder block of size i Ϫ j ϩ 1. tpin(i, j) is input ready time for the p term of the most significant bit of an adder block of size i Ϫ j ϩ 1. f(i, m, j) is load function of the block of size m Ϫ j ϩ 1 driving that of size i Ϫ m. The load function f(i, m, j) is defined as f (i, m, j) = min 0≤s

In a static CMOS design, a pair of PMOS pull-up and an NMOS pull-down transistors constitutes a basic inverting unit. The input signal drives both the pull-up and pull-down transistors. Let Cg be the total gate capacitance of the unit, then the approximate generation time of the output signal is given by tout = tin + (Rc + Ri f )(Ci + Cg ) f (42) (43) Figure 13. An optimal CMOS 32-bit fast carry generator. (46) 288 BiCMOS LOGIC CIRCUITS The corresponding minimum propagation delay of the cascaded driver is delay(s, f d ) = (s + 1)( f d1/(s+1) )τ can be analyzed.

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