A manager's guide to the millennium: today's strategies for by Ken Matejka PDF

By Ken Matejka

ISBN-10: 0814402690

ISBN-13: 9780814402696

It is a thought-provoking consultant for achievement within the subsequent century.

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Palumbo School of Business for the support and creative environments that allowed me to learn the necessary insights needed to create and sculpt my contributions to the material in this book. I am indebted to the thousands of executives, managers, leaders, administrators, and students with whom I have had the privilege of collaborating. Through them, I learned the urgently felt need to change organizational life for the better. Finally, a huge thanks to our editor, Adrienne Hickey, for having faith and hope in our clarity.

There are also many dream diseases that can kill the dream in the becoming. Leaving the dreaming to the official dreaming departments is one way to proceed. Specialists build brittle dreams with sharp, jagged edges. But many people just can't wear designer dreams. Dreaming in numbers (numerical dreaming) is another fatal disease, for such dreamers think in long division, not long vision. When in doubt, they typically add many new bored members. And, of course, being driven by nightmares (which are very different things from dreams) is a sure way to stunt the possibilities of the pyramid.

Metaphorically, when does the level of difficulty of the white water rapids exceed the capabilities of the boat and crew? Page 27 When does exhaustion make further progress ill advised? Navigational Guides Successful navigation requires assessing the storms and potential hazards you will encounter en route. Look out for these areas of turbulence in your organization: 1. People are blaming one another for not carrying enough of the load. Your leader is so loyal that he is a pushover for the top brass.

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