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By Ajay Close

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The day after her marriage ceremony, Donella Ferguson Watson wakes up shackled to a guy haunted by means of the previous. The lonely days turn into weeks, months. Her husband Hugh, a jail medical professional, will supply no cause of their sexless marriage. She involves suspect the reply lies with a hunger-striking suffragette who used to be force-fed and held in solitary confinement. yet what rather occurred among Hugh and his prisoner sufferer? a petroleum Scented Spring is a riveting novel of repression, jealousy, and love, and the fight for women's emancipation.

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Rather than frittering away my money on trips, I’d spent the subsequent years in my own neighborhood, collecting the stories and objects that chance threw in my path or that I found in the local junkyard—a beautiful establishment whose owner, my friend Jorge Ibargüengoitia, gave me special access to for being a loyal client. Between what I’d acquired on my international travels and my new local collections, I had amassed an admirable estate. I knew that one day I’d hold a grand auction in my own house, in which I would offer my treasures to people worthy of the privilege; refined people, people of great breadth of vision.

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15 THE STORY OF MY TEETH Once in bed, the blankets pulled up to my chest, I reach with my right hand under the pillow and draw out the book—the way a cowboy would draw a pistol from under his pillow, but a bit more slowly. Then I close my eyes and, using both hands, open the book and raise it above my head, letting its pages dangle above me. Then I slowly bring it closer to my face, until my nose touches the edge of the pages and slides between two of them. Those are the pages I read. I often write the date on which I read them in the margin with a little note.

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