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Complex .NET Remoting is the 1st publication out there that gives in-depth insurance of the .NET Remoting Framework. The booklet is split into sections&emdash;the first detailing the specifics of the framework and its services in real-world purposes. themes comprise formatters, channels, lifetime matters, defense, configuration records, and the fundamentals of server-activated gadgets as opposed to client-activated gadgets. additionally lined intimately are home windows prone, IIS, and server-side web hosting of remotable elements in console applications.
The moment a part of the publication offers an extraordinary view of .NET Remoting internals. writer Ingo Rammer indicates how the framework makes use of message sinks and sink companies, and offers in-depth guide on how one can enforce message and channel sinks. those chapters additionally provide perception into the synchronous and asynchronous message processing in the framework.
Going a ways past the knowledge you are going to assemble from Microsoft's documentation, Rammer explains how .NET Remoting particularly works, and the way it may be prolonged. The booklet additionally features a bankruptcy at the improvement technique and resource code for numerous real-world message sinks, and indicates you ways to enhance a customized Remoting shipping channel from scratch. It concludes with unique insurance of the ContextBoundObject category and .NET contexts, crucial for utilizing the expertise inside of person, client-only functions.

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BeginInvoke(42,null,null); // ... ReadLine(); } } } As expected, the application outputs "HEY:42" as you can see in Figure 3-17. Figure 3-17: The sample delegate Implementing the New Client In the new remoting client, shown in Listing 3-15, you see how to change the calls to getName() and setValue() to use delegates as well. Your client then invokes both delegates and subsequently waits for their completion before synchronously calling getValue() on the server. In this instance, you use the same server application as in the preceding example.

ReadLine(); } } } Creating the Client The first client, which is shown in Listing 3-13, calls the server synchronously, as in all preceding examples. It calls all three methods and gives you statistics on how long the total execution took. obj. NET Remoting (especially for the first call on a remote object), this example will take more than ten seconds to run. You can see that this assumption is right by looking at the client's output in Figure 3-15. The total client execution takes 12 seconds.

The only difference is that MyRemoteObject is no direct child of MarshalByRefObject, but instead is a descendant of BaseRemoteObject, defined in the shared assembly. This object, implemented as a Singleton, is shown in Listing 3-20. Singleton); // the server will keep running until keypress. ReadLine(); } } } 52 Chapter 3: Remoting in Action Chapter 3: Remoting in Action 53 Implementing the Second Server The second server works differently from those in prior examples. It provides a SingleCall object that accepts a BaseRemoteObject as a parameter.

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