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"Java selbst, dass ist nicht schwer, Programmieren lernen umso mehr". Das magazine wohl sein, doch hängt es immer auch vom Lehrer ab -- Dietmar Ratz, Jens Scheffler und Detlef Seese und der neu hinzu gekommene Jan Wiesenberger jedenfalls haben das richtige Konzept und die passende Umsetzung für ein mehrteiliges Einsteiger-Lehrbuch zu Programmierung und Objektorientierung gleich mit Java verbunden.

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This ebook offers a step by step method of the Tcl/Tk language with assistance from re-usable examples and photographs. it's a sequence of rigorously prepared, easy-to-follow, standalone recipes to unravel your queries. no matter if you plow through the recipes chapter-wise or choose up any recipe randomly, you'll find transparent and whole rationalization of the duty lined within the recipe.

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A single-character switch with no argument may be combined (bundled) with the switch that follows it, if any. bak Perl recognizes the switches listed in Table 3-1. 38 Chapter 3. The Perl Executable Chapter 3. The Perl Executable 39 Table 3-1. Perl switches Switch Function -- Terminates switch processing, even if the next argument starts with a minus. It has no other effect. -0[octnum] Specifies the record separator ($/) as an octal number. If octnum is not present, the null character is the separator.

Chapter 3. The Perl Executable Contents: Command Processing Command-Line Options Environment Variables The Perl Compiler Threads The perl executable is normally installed in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin on your machine. Some people often refer to perl as the Perl interpreter, but this isn't strictly correct, as you'll learn shortly. Every Perl program must be passed through the Perl executable to be executed. The first line in many Perl programs is something like: "INDEX-139" /> For Unix systems, this #!

Global Special Constants _ _END_ _ Indicates the logical end of your program. Any following text is ignored, but may be read via the DATA filehandle. _ _FILE_ _ Represents the filename at the point in your program where it's used. Not interpolated into strings. _ _LINE_ _ Represents the current line number. Not interpolated into strings. _ _PACKAGE_ _ Represents the current package name at compile time, or undefined if there is no current package. Not interpolated into strings. 5. 6, "Regular Expressions" later in this chapter.

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