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This e-book examines the performs of the Greek comedian author Aristophanes and makes an attempt to reconstruct the responses of the unique audiences by utilizing anthropological strategies to match the performs with these Greek myths and rituals that percentage comparable tale styles or subject material. it's the first e-book to use this sort of research systematically to the entire comedies, and likewise differs from prior stories in that it doesn't impose a unmarried interpretative constitution at the performs. All Greek is translated.

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76 Aristophanes seems to be suggesting that this myth is relevant to the scene on stage. It will be instructive therefore to compare Dicaeopolis' treatment of Lamachus, who arrives back during the Choes festival, with Demophon's of Orestes. This comparison, like that of Dicaeopolis with Achilles discussed above, works in two ways. First, it gives a negative view of Dicaeopolis in so far as he again falls short of the figure of authority in the mythical exemplar. Demophon solved the problem of what to do with a polluted matricide, but Dicaeopolis will have no truck with a man wounded in the course of duty.

Pol. 1. ). 38 Acharnians 'outsiders', such as foreigners, slaves and ghosts, could take their part in the city's activities, and Dicaeopolis may thus be said to hover uneasily between Kar and king. The day after this, the Chytroi, began the process of restoration: the Kares were expelled, and all (bar the priests) partook in a dish of grains cooked with honey, as had those who survived the Flood. The community re-establishes and redefines itself. ' This ambivalence continues to the end. 81 The evocation of the Olympic games looks back to the poor, harassed spondophoros, Amphitheus, who made everything possible.

C. T. Parker 1983: 21. Bowie 1982a: 32-7. See however Dover 1987: 224-37 for the problems of the idea of 'poetic' words in this passage; on such words in Greek, Bowie 1981: 139-78, and 1979: 123-161 for a perhaps overbold attempt to use the concept in criticism. For the strength of Athenian feeling at 7 enforced evacuation from their demes, cf. Thuc. 2. 20. PI. Prot. 319c. ); they need but one sniff of Amphitheus' spondai ('treaty-wine') before they give chase (179). ). Such a proposal to stone him is contrary to Athenian law: 'there is no indication that stoning was ever a legal punishment in Athens.

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