New PDF release: Armageddon Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Day of Honor,

By L. A. Graf

ISBN-10: 0671006754

ISBN-13: 9780671006754

Worf and the staff of the Defiant locate themselves trapped on an alien global threatened by means of an international cataclysm, whereas Captain Sisko needs to continue tensions on Deep house 9 from erupting into struggle. Original."

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The danger to the Victoria Adams is beside the point. " Dax retorted, giving her bat'leth a twirl. The tactical officer grunted, and Kira almost thought she saw him flush. " That gruff admission was apparently retreat enough for Dax. Her resilient, puckish humor returned with a fierce smile. "Admit it," she cajoled, dancing forward a step to chuck his arm with the side of her bat'leth. " Worf stiffened, but didn't pull away. "Honor is not meant to be fun. And the Batlh Jaj is not a holiday. " "Like Captain James T.

What about the escape shuttle? " The Defiant cruised slowly over the planet's unglaciated polar region, then down across its other hemisphere. Here, night was falling across a second enormous blue-green sea, this one even more thickly laced with surf-fringed tropical islands. "Life-sign scans are still showing only native vertebrates and marine life--no, wait... " Kira demanded. " Dax flicked her eyes back and forth across her panel, trying to absorb every reading at once. "I'm showing about twenty life-signs on one of the small islands in that central archipelago.

A saffron yellow star spit out a normal amount of heat, light, and solar wind; three gas giants circled in far-flung orbits. But where the inner rocky planets should have spun in the star's golden glow, an ominous parabola of dust and ice enshrouded half the system. Dax's long-range scanners detected two small, airless planets orbiting outside that haze, one swung out beyond its perigee and the other caught between the curving arms of debris. Magnification of their sun-baked surfaces revealed a crazy quilt of craters and impact scars from past orbital swings through the comet track.

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by William

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