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By Allert van Zelst, Tim C. W. Schenk

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As regards the first direction, no contradictions were found between the hypothesis that natural genomic error-correcting means exist and the properties of the living world. On the contrary, it seems to account for a number of facts, especially of evolution, that conventional theories fail to explain. The subsidiary hypothesis that nature uses nested codes (to be defined below) moreover explains that a hierarchical taxonomy is possible. In the second direction, the concept of soft code, which both weakens and widely extends the engineering concept of error-correcting code, also to be defined below, enables associating error-correcting properties with constraints on DNA and proteins, thus suggesting that many potential genetic error-correcting systems actually exist.

The channel capacity C in bits per second, depends on only three factors: the power P of the signal at the receiver, the noise N disturbing the signal at the receiver, and the bandwidth W, which is the span of frequencies used in the communication: C = Wlog2 (P/N + 1) bits per second. (1) Suppose one wishes to transmit some information at a rate R, also in bits per second (b/s). First, Shannon showed that when the rate exceeds the capacity (R > C), the communication will fail and at most C b/s will get through.

Simultaneously starting the replication process at several places would probably not successfully increase fecundity for short genomes, because complicating the replication process would need a longer genome for specifying its machinery, with a presumably detrimental effect on the overall replication speed. Only already long genomes could benefit from such a strategy, insofar as the genome part devoted to specify the replication machinery is small with respect to the remainder. If error-correcting codes are used in the genome replication process, they are themselves products of evolution.

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