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By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

ISBN-10: 0986015245

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This huge e-book is ideal for the kitchen. Departing from canning, this installment of the "Ask Jackie" sequence covers every thing from greens to vinegar. Spanning from dairy, to grains, to food, to fruit and greens, its pages offer scrumptious recipes, convenient tricks, and useful recommendation for these studying to cook dinner or perfecting their talents as a self-sufficient homesteader. This suits properly with either Water tub Canning and strain Canning to supply a very entire advisor to nutrition guidance.

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First I am always wondering if I have used enough salt when making sauerkraut. If Jackie has a recipe as to how much salt is adequate I would appreciate knowing it. I know that I have used too much and I have added salt after a week or so when I didn’t use enough. I would recommend to anyone that likes sauerkraut to make some as it is far superior to store-bought. I have started using 5-gallon pails that I get from most any store that has a deli or bakery. Ask for them and they will usually save some for you as they usually wind up going to a landfill.

Not sure. Any help? Dan Dickerson, Mississippi There are a lot of ways to successfully store potatoes without a root cellar. I home can many of mine, a few pecks at a time. But you sure can’t make French fries out of canned potatoes, so you will want to store them as long as you can. Yes, you can store potatoes and other root crops in a 55-gallon drum, although a wood barrel would be better, as it wouldn’t be as apt to sweat through condensation. When your potatoes have been dug and sorted (be very careful to reject any damaged ones, as they’ll rot), spread them in a dry, shaded area to cure for at least 24 hours.

The smoking darkens the product and dries it to the dry texture you’re probably familiar with. Store in the refrigerator up to 10 days. Freeze or home can, if desired. How to get “real” bacon from a butchered hog I’m getting ready to butcher a hog, and a friend wants to do it for us. It’s just the last time I had unprocessed bacon it was like eating fried pork roast. What can I do to make it taste like store bacon? Linda Royal, Florida “Real” bacon tastes so much better than store bacon it’s not funny.

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