New PDF release: ASP.NET 4. 0 in VB 2010

By Matthew MacDonald; Mario Szpuszta; Vidya Vrat Agarwal

ISBN-10: 1430225114

ISBN-13: 9781430225119

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It also includes navigation controls (such as trees and breadcrumb-style links) that use this information to let users move through the site. 0 added a slew of security-related features, including automatic support for storing user credentials, a role-based authorization feature, and prebuilt security controls for common tasks like logging in, registering, and retrieving a forgotten password. • Data source controls: The data source control model allows you to define how your page interacts with a data source declaratively in your markup, rather than having to write the equivalent data access code by hand.

In most cases, you’ll use HTML server-side controls for backward compatibility and quick migration, and use web controls for new projects. NET web control tags always start with the prefix asp: followed by the class name. " Notice that the Value property you saw with the HTML control has been replaced with a Text property. Value property was named to match the underlying value attribute in the HTML tag. However, web controls don’t place the same emphasis on correlating with HTML syntax, so the more descriptive property name Text is used instead.

Ajax is programming shorthand for a client-side technique that allows your page to call the server and update its content without triggering a complete postback. Typically, an Ajax page uses client-side script code to fire an asynchronous request behind the scenes. The server receives this request, runs some code, and then returns the data your page needs (often as a block of XML markup). Finally, the client-side code receives the new data and uses it to perform another action, such as refreshing part of the page.

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ASP.NET 4. 0 in VB 2010 by Matthew MacDonald; Mario Szpuszta; Vidya Vrat Agarwal

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