Download e-book for iPad: Badlands of the Republic: Space, Politics and Urban Policy by Mustafa Dikec

By Mustafa Dikec

ISBN-10: 1405156309

ISBN-13: 9781405156301

The connection among area and politics is explored via a research of French city coverage. Drawing upon the political considered Jacques Rancière, this ebook proposes a brand new time table for analyses of city coverage, and offers the 1st entire account of French city coverage in English.

  • Essential source for contextualizing and realizing the revolts happening within the French ‘badland’ neighbourhoods in autumn 2005
  • Challenges overarching generalizations approximately city coverage and contributes new study information to the broader physique of city coverage literature
  • Identifies a robust city and spatial size in the shift in the direction of extra nationalistic and authoritarian coverage governing French citizenship and immigration

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First, it emphasizes a process rather than a static condition. Second, it encourages an approach that does not reduce neoliberalism to the application of a set of economic policies. Third, it pays attention to practices that (re-)constitute spaces, states, subjects, individuals and institutions for the purposes of government in a particular way. It takes into consideration not only the various techniques and devices of government, but also the constitution of the objects and subjects to be governed.

Increasingly since the 1990s, social policy has become a key issue for governments of both the left and the right (Levy, 2001). The French state’s ‘neoliberalism’, then, calls for reservations. Indeed, given the strong state tradition in France, neoliberalism as a political ideology has little or no place – at least to be voiced explicitly – even in the French right’s political agenda. 6 Neoliberalism briefly entered the right’s agenda as a political counter-ideology only after it lost power to the left in the early 1980s (Schmidt, 2002), and during Chirac’s unsuccessful 1986–8 government.

If the state’s statements define the ‘proper place’ of things and people, as Corrigan and Sayer suggest, what are the political implications of such an ordering? And what are the implications of this when considering the relationship between space, politics and urban policy? Here I draw on Rancière’s political thought, which informs the theoretical STATE’S STATEMENTS 17 orientation of this book. Rancière’s political writings seem to be an odd place to seek tools for looking at urban policy. 1 The first one is by Pierre-Didier Tchétché-Apéa, complaining about the negative image of banlieues and increasingly repressive measures devised to contain them: Are we going to go on this way with millions of citizens excluded from the system, and just make do with it, with impressive police forces, even the military, to contain these areas and keep these territories well delimited in public space, and where serious crises like riots and so on are not considered as political acts, in the sense that they result from a socio-political problem, but are seen only in terms of security and repression?

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Badlands of the Republic: Space, Politics and Urban Policy by Mustafa Dikec

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