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The motor is also capable of operating above rated torque intermittently. The motor can develop as much as 150%* torque for starting, accelerating or load transients, if the drive can supply the current. At 120 Hz the motor can develop 70% torque intermittently. The sample motor described above is capable of operating at 100% rated torque continuously at low frequencies. Many motors are not capable of operating continuously at 100% continuous torque at low frequencies. Each motor must be evaluated before selecting it for use on an AC drive.

650 VDC Shorter "On" Duration, Lower Voltage 650 VDC Longer "On" Duration, Higher Voltage 47 Review 5 1. The volts per hertz ratio of a 460 volt, 60 Hz motor is ____________ . 2. An increase in voltage will cause flux (F) to ____________, and torque (T) capability to ____________ . 3. A motor operated within a speed range that allows a constant volts per hertz ratio is said to be constant ____________ . a. b. torque 4. If torque decreases proportional to speed (RPM) increasing, then ____________ is constant.

When the car comes to an incline a little more gas, controlled by the accelerator, maintains speed. T = Torque N = Speed Coast to stop To stop an AC motor in single-quadrant operation voltage and frequency can simply be removed and the motor allowed to coast to a stop. This is similar to putting a car in neutral, turning off the ignition and allowing the car to coast to a stop. Controlled deceleration Another way is to use a controlled deceleration. Voltage and frequency are reduced gradually until the motor is at stop.

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