Download e-book for iPad: Being as Consciousness: Yogacara Philosophy of Buddhism by Fernando Tola, Carmen Dragonetti

By Fernando Tola, Carmen Dragonetti

ISBN-10: 8120819675

ISBN-13: 9788120819672

This paintings is meant to the research of the Yogacara Buddhist philosophy including its commentaries and notes for larger comprehensibility of the contents of 3 edited and translated texts, particularly, Alambanapariksavrtti of Dignaga; the vimsatika Vijnaptimatratasiddhih of Vasubandhu and Trisvabhavakarika of Vasubandhu

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See paragraphs 3 and 7 of the treatise and our commentary thereon, w here the relation betw een “support” and “object” of cognition is indicated. Section I: Paragraph 1 Paragraph 1 expresses the realistic position of the atomists, Hindus or Buddhists6: there are external objects which act as support for the sensorial cognition. According to this realistic position the support must be either the atoms or the conglomerates or aggregates formed by those atoms. Section II: karika I a -d a n d paragraphs 2-3 This section refers to the first alternative.

137156, the Tibetan text and, respectively, an English and a revised Spanish translation. Finally, they published in Nihilismo Budista, Mexico: Premiá, 1990, pp. 47-60, a new revised Spanish translation, and in On Voidness. A Study on Buddhist Nihilism, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1995, pp. 1-17, the revised Tibetan text and a new English translation of this work. 6. Hetucakradamaru, the first work on logic written by Dignäga. It is only known through its Tibetan translation ( Töhoku 4209= Catalogue 5708).

Dragonetti, “Fecha del Parinirväna de Buda”, in Revista de Estudios Budistas (México-Buenos Aires), No. 89-106. The historicity of Maitreyanâtha, the teacher of Asariga, is not accepted by P. 376-387 and 434, note 9, specially note 4 of p. 381; L. de la Vallée Poussin, LAbhidharm akosa, Bruxelles: 1971, Institut Belge des Hautes Études Chinoises, Vol. XXVXXVI; É. Lamotte, “Marijusrï”, in T ’oung Pao 48, I960, pp. 89 ; D. S. Ruegg, La Théorie du Tathàgatagarbha et du Gotra, Paris: Adrien Maisonneuve, 1969, pp.

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